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The field of illustration has expanded far beyond it's roots. It's no longer enough to have solid drawing skills and be good at one aspect of illustration. The modern illustrator has to be able to apply their skill across different fields and technologies in order to collaborate with various creative industries. They must also learn how to manage their workflow, clients, how to charge for their work... In short, the business aspect of the practice of a freelance illustrator.

The course we run is designed to give you the required knowledge to become just that.


"Drawing by hand is like cooking on an open fire. It's slower than a microwave but so, so much tastier. There's also something comforting about the process itself, rather than pressing three buttons and waiting 2 minutes while your food turns into the Hulk!"

— Jeremy Lord - Illustrator & school founder     www.jeremylord.com

About the course

With the huge changes in the industry comes a necessary shift in how we teach and prepare for this industry. The course at The Illustration School is built for and by practicing illustrators. This ensures that the knowledge and practice you get is both up to date and relevant to todays' industry as well as being based on real experience.

A typical class consists of demonstration of any given skill or technique followed by a brief to put this knowledge into practice. Just as you would in the industry, you'll get feedback on this work but no marks. You'll instead be asked to quote on each brief you receive and the feedback you get will be based on this quote. Again this means you get exactly what you'd get in the field.

Course timeline

Fees & payment

Pay for the whole course upfront
Total course cost: $720

Pay on a weekly basis
Total course cost: $780

Early bird - sign up before 10th October, get 10% off
Total course cost: $648 payable upfronT

Course Dates & location

6 week short course
Mondays and wednesdays from 6pm - 9pm
Next course dates: Mon 7th November - Wed 14th December 2016

Level 2
60-64 Reservoir st
Surry hills



What drawing level do I need to enrol?
The course does require a basic drawing skills as we won't be going into things like proportions, perspective or any other basic drawing skills. That said you don't need to be a drawing master to get through this course!

What about software skills and other requirements? 
You will need a fairly good understanding of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. You will need to have those programs and your own computer to complete the course.

A drawing tablet of some kind - Wacoms are the go these days - would be a great bonus and will help you through the various briefs but this isn't an absolute necessity.

Do you only have the one course?
At this stage we will only be running the 6 week program but plans for a more in depth 1 year course as well as one off workshops are in the pipe for the very near future.


Who will be teaching the course?
The course will be taught by long-time professional illustrator, Jeremy Lord. Jeremy has over 10 years experience as a freelance illustrator, his client list includes names like Macquarie Bank, Penguin Books, SBS, and City of Sydney. Jeremy also has 9 years teaching experience at CATC Design School and Tractor Design School. 

See Jeremy's work at www.jeremylord.com

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